Optimising Daily Routines with Concentration Binaural Beats

November 12, 2023
Chris Garrett

Daily routines, from morning to night, set the tone for productive days. While many tools and hacks exist to streamline daily activities, the Concentration preset of binaural beats can add a level of focus and efficiency to your routine.

Give the Concentration preset a try.

Photo of a diverse individual preparing a healthy meal in a kitchen, wearing headphones. Graphics of binaural beats waves float around them, suggesting a heightened focus on nutrition and meal planning.

How It Works

Playing two slightly differing frequencies in each ear produces a third perceived tone that helps the brain focus. The Concentration preset can aid in turning mundane routines into meaningful rituals by sharpening focus.

Integration into Your Day

Morning Routine

Begin your morning with a 10-minute session of the Concentration preset. It can make tasks like planning your day or journaling more effective.

Work or School Tasks

Incorporate the preset while tackling important tasks or projects to maintain high levels of focus and efficiency.

Household Chores

Even tasks as simple as cooking or cleaning can benefit from increased focus. Listen to the preset to turn chores into mindfulness practices.

Evening Routine

Wind down your day with a 10-minute session of the preset to evaluate your daily goals and set the agenda for the next day.

Dos and Don’ts

Do Pair with Other Techniques

Combine the preset with productivity methods like time-blocking to take your daily routine to the next level.

Don’t Overuse

While the preset is beneficial, overuse could lead to fatigue. Use it strategically at key moments.

Do Experiment with Timing

Not everyone’s routine is the same. Experiment to find the most effective times to incorporate the preset.

Don’t Use During High-Energy Activities

While focus is beneficial, some activities like high-intensity workouts may not be the best fit for the Concentration preset.

A Seven-Day Challenge

If you’re new to binaural beats, consider a week-long experiment:

  1. Day 1: Introduce the preset during your morning routine.
  2. Days 2-4: Add it to one more routine each day.
  3. Days 5-6: Assess its impact and adjust timing if needed.
  4. Day 7: Evaluate the overall benefits and make long-term plans.


Focus is not just for work or study; it can amplify the quality of your daily routines. Using the Concentration preset can transform simple activities into purposeful rituals. Try the Concentration preset now and bring focus and clarity to every part of your day.