Improving Study Habits with Concentration Binaural Beats

October 27, 2023
Chris Garrett

Whether you’re a student or a lifelong learner, the process of studying can often feel daunting. Between distractions and the challenge of retaining complex information, how can one stay focused and get the most out of their study sessions? The answer may lie in the use of binaural beats for concentration.

Give the Concentration preset a try.

Photo of a female student at a cafe, intently working on her laptop with headphones on. A soft glow surrounds her head, representing the effect of concentration binaural beats, with a cup of coffee and books nearby.

What’s the Science Behind It?

Binaural beats involve playing two slightly different frequencies in each ear. Your brain perceives a third tone, the mathematical difference between the two. The Concentration preset can boost focus and cognitive functions, aiding significantly in retention and understanding while studying.

Implementing in Your Study Routine

Before Starting a Study Session

Start your study sessions with 10-15 minutes of listening to the Concentration preset. It will help you transition into a focused mindset, making it easier to absorb the information.

During Breaks

Incorporate the Concentration preset during your short breaks. If you’re using a study technique like the Pomodoro Technique, listen to the preset during the five-minute breaks to maintain your level of focus.

Deep Work Phases

For complex subjects that require ‘deep work’, let the Concentration preset run in the background. The beats can help keep your brain in a focused state for longer periods, making it easier to work through complex problems or theories.

Dos and Don’ts

Do Use Good Quality Headphones

To get the best out of the binaural beats, use good quality headphones that can accurately produce the low-frequency sounds.

Don’t Use While Multitasking

Focus is key while studying. Using the preset while multitasking could dilute its effectiveness.

Do Experiment With Duration

While it’s generally effective to use the preset for short periods, feel free to extend the time based on your comfort and the nature of your study material.

Don’t Use as a Last-Minute Tool

Consistent use over time will provide the most benefits. Don’t expect it to be a magic bullet for last-minute cramming.

Case Study: Preparing for Exams

Let’s consider you have an exam in a week. You can integrate the Concentration preset into your study plan:

  1. Days 1-3: Use the preset while working through new material or complex problems.
  2. Days 4-5: Utilise the preset during revision sessions.
  3. Day 6: On the day before the exam, use the preset to keep your mind sharp but avoid over-exerting yourself.
  4. Day 7: Before the exam, listen to the Concentration preset to centre your focus.


Binaural beats aren’t just a study aid; they can be a game-changer in how you absorb and retain information. The Concentration preset offers a convenient and effective way to enhance your study habits. Try the Concentration preset now and unlock a new level of focus and cognitive function in your academic journey.