Improving Brainstorming Sessions: The Benefits of Playing Creativity Binaural Beats During Team Meetings

November 28, 2023
Chris Garrett

Brainstorming sessions are vital for teams to generate innovative ideas and solutions. However, not all brainstorming sessions are fruitful. Distractions, lack of focus, and group dynamics can sometimes impede the flow of ideas. Enter the world of binaural beats. Let’s explore how the Concentration preset can enhance group creativity and lead to more productive brainstorming sessions.

Photo of a female professional setting up a device to play binaural beats in a collaborative workspace, with her team eagerly awaiting.

The Dynamics of Brainstorming

Effective brainstorming depends on:

  1. Open Communication: A space where every team member feels free to express ideas.
  2. Focused Attention: Minimised distractions and a collective focus on the topic at hand.
  3. Diverse Thinking: Encouraging varied perspectives and creative approaches.

However, achieving these dynamics consistently can be challenging.

Binaural Beats: A Catalyst for Collective Creativity

Binaural beats can guide the brain into specific states of consciousness. The Concentration preset, tailored for focus and creativity, can serve as an auditory backdrop during brainstorming sessions, promoting a conducive environment for idea generation.

Implementing Binaural Beats in Brainstorming

To integrate the Concentration preset into team sessions:

  1. Set the Environment: Choose a quiet meeting space, ensuring minimal external distractions.
  2. Brief the Team: Introduce the concept of binaural beats to team members. Highlight the potential benefits.
  3. Play the Beats: Start the Concentration preset at a comfortable volume in the background. Try it now.
  4. Facilitate the Session: Begin the brainstorming as you usually would, allowing the beats to play throughout.

The ambient sound can act as a subtle guide, fostering an environment where ideas flow more naturally.

Benefits to Expect

  1. Enhanced Focus: Team members might find it easier to concentrate on the topic.
  2. Improved Group Synergy: A shared auditory experience can foster a sense of unity.
  3. Increased Idea Generation: The conducive environment can lead to a richer pool of ideas.

Respect Individual Preferences

While many might find binaural beats beneficial, it’s essential to respect individual preferences. If some team members prefer not to have the beats playing, consider alternate arrangements or adjust the volume to a level that’s comfortable for everyone.


Brainstorming sessions are a cornerstone of innovation in team settings. By introducing tools like the Concentration preset, teams can potentially elevate the quality and quantity of ideas generated. In the realm of group creativity, binaural beats might just offer the harmonic balance teams have been seeking.