5 Days with Decimal: Day 4 - Lifting Your Spirits with the Mood Elevation Preset

October 19, 2023
Chris Garrett

Welcome to Day 4 of our series, “5 Days with Decimal”. Today, we’ll talk about improving your mood and mental state with the Mood Elevation preset.

Photo of an individual outdoors, surrounded by blooming flowers, basking in sunlight, with headphones on, and a soft aura representing the 'Mood Elevation Preset'.

The Role of Mood

Your mood influences your thoughts, behaviours, and interactions. A good mood can boost creativity, improve social interactions, and even make difficult tasks seem more manageable.

How Binaural Beats Can Help

Binaural beats can stimulate brainwave patterns linked to positive emotional states. The Mood Elevation preset focuses on frequencies that help reduce stress hormones and induce relaxation and positivity.

Using the Mood Elevation Preset

  1. Choose a Comfortable Space: Opt for a setting where you won’t be interrupted.

  2. Select the Preset: Navigate to the Mood Elevation preset and press play.

  3. Close Your Eyes and Focus: Let the tones fill your awareness, pushing aside any negative thoughts.

  4. Duration: Use it for at least 20 minutes to feel a noticeable improvement in your mood.

You can try the preset now.

Lock Screen and Timer

As with other presets, you can control the playback through your lock screen. Use the timer feature to set the duration for how long you want the preset to play.


Whether you’re feeling down or just need a mood booster, the Mood Elevation preset can be a game-changer. Try it now and experience the benefits firsthand.

Join us for the final day of our series, where we’ll dive into the benefits of using Decimal for Meditation.